• Delicious Food

    Campuestohan Highland Resort, aside from being truly the perfect getaway for those who enjoy the cool atmosphere of nature, is also a gourmet haven for food connoisseurs.
    One of the resorts greatest assets is the owners themselves who enjoy cooking and serving delicious food specialties to friends and associates.
    This is why it is not surprising if the dishes served at Campuestohan Highland Resort are truly exceptional in taste and quality.
    You can choose from among the many variety of dishes that the resort restaurant offers, from the truly flavorsome "Fried Cansi" to the mouthwatering and extremely popular Ilonggo dish called KBL or "Kadyos-Baboy-Langka."
  • Charming Accommodations

    Tucked among fragrant breeze of the forest, century old tree-lined enclaves and lushly landscaped walkways, our new Wigwam accommodations ensconce you in a private, supremely comfortable getaway.
    Each guest Wigwam invites you to celebrate the surrounding beauty with a small front garden with a bonfire area overlooking the expanse of the resort and its sparkling pools.
    Our new Wigwam accommodations are designed to provide you with the utmost in comfort and convenience.
    With these new native American accommodations, your stay at Campuestohan Highland Resort will definitely be more enjoyable.
  • A Place The Whole Family Will Love

    Planning a getaway that the whole family will love?
    Young kids want to play, teens want to hang, and parents probably just want to relax. Campuestohan Highland Resort have something for everyone. From awesome pool to unique activities, kids and adults can keep busy on their own- and once in a while come together as a family..
    You will be surprised to see that all types of travelers flock to this cool getaway for its world class features. Campuestohan Highland Resort has a range of amenities that will surely make your visit truly worth your while.
    Visit us now and experience the joy that only Campuestohan Highland Resort can offer!
  • Swimming Pools Galore

    From the Giant Footprint Pool to regular swimming pools flaked by dolphin figures, Campuestohan Highland Resort is truly a swimmers paradise.
    Enjoy a cool dip in the sparkling waters a wonderful pool shaped like the foot of a giant while the kids enjoy theirs in one of the toes of the Giant Footprint Pool.
    You might also want to swim with a wonderful panoramic view of the western side of Negros Occidental.
    Enjoy a splash with your family and friends now at Campuestohan Highland Resort.
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