Sea Waves at the Mountain Top

You heard it right! Indeed, at the top of one of the peaks of Negros Occidental lies Campuestohan Highland Resort. Yes, the resort offers absolutely amazing amenities that are perfect for the family, but one thing that has gained so much attention today is the humongous Shark Wave Pool!

The Huge Wave Pool

The Shark Wave pool at Campuestohan Highland Resort is so huge that you will have a great time enjoying it. The waves run thrice a day for 30 minutes each and this is more than enough time for you, your friends, family and kids to enjoy. Although the resort has two other pools, it cannot be denied that the wave pool is the main attraction as of date.

Comprehensive Entrance Fee

If you’re thinking right now like, alright, the wave pool is nice but that would mean adding something to your overall budget, then you thought wrong. The entrance fee to the resort covers the use of the main pool and the wave pool. At Campuestohan, you get to enjoy so much for a minimum entrance fee. Now isn’t that great or what?

So the next time that you are planning a family vacation, better think of that nice and cool wave pool on top of a mountain. It is only at Campuestohan that you get to enjoy the waves of the sea even though you are located right at the top of the mountain!

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