>    Any unsafe or disruptive conduct, including defacing or causing damage to Campuestohan Highland Resort’s property may result in ejection from the resort without refund.

    >    Please supervise children at all times.


2.    PROHIBITED ITEMS INSIDE THE RESORT: Restricted drugs, deadly weapons and firearms as well as pets are not allowed.


3.    SMOKING: Pursuant to Section 5 of RA 9211 and the Department of Health, smoking is allowed in designated areas only.


4.    CLOSURE OF SWIMMING POOL AND PLAYGROUND: As the need arises, signs are posted to temporarily shut down operations of either the swimming pool, the playground, or both due to weather and/or regular maintenance.


5.    PROPER ATTIRE: The Resort reserves the right to refuse admission of guests who are not properly attired.  Children are requested to wear cotton socks or be in barefoot when playing in the playground.  Swimmers are requested to be in proper swimming attire.


6.    INJURY, LOSS, OR DAMAGE: The owners and operators of the Resort shall not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss or damage to guests and patrons occurring within its premises.

Management reserves the right to refuse admission and eject without refund guests who violate any of the Resort’s regulations.

Monday-Sunday 7am-5pm>